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Safety Positives at SEC

SEC has seen some real safety positives this quarter with its team at Karara Mining Ltd reaching 6 months RI free. Increased interactions and communications with its workforce and contract clients of safe work systems and behaviours and successfully retaining. Its AS4801 Safety Management system certification in July 2015 after its first surveillance audit with SAI Global.

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SEC completes High Risk work

SEC undertook conveyor belt and pulley replacements at Vierra’s busiest loading port at Thevenard SA. The works involved the replacement of the main 250cm C1 Jetty conveyor belt and both the north and south ship loading conveyors that reach across the water. Conveyor pulley’s and gear box drives were also successfully replaced by our team trained engineering technicians and supervisors. All works required involved “high risk” with height access, heavy loads and working over water were just a few hazard we had to contend with. Through SEC input with Viterra, all associated hazards and incident free completion of the works involved. Working with our clients to develop our clients to develop safe working procedures and eliminating the risks associated with “Hight Risk Work” is what SEC strive towards and can successfully implement

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